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Our signature CBD/ CBG MCT oil is our most popular and recommended product line for the sporting industry. We use 99.9% pure CBD / CBG  Isolate in our products ensuring that you feel the benefits of our CBD/CBG mixture.

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Our CBD/CBG MCT oil is our most popular and recommend way of consuming CBD for individuals that enjoy exercise or sport on a regular basis. Because we use 99.9% pure CBD/ CBG Isolate in our products, we can ensure there is zero traces of THC. Using Isolate also removes any unwanted, nasty hemp flavour that you may find in traditional CBD oils. This is great for individuals who have never tried CBD oil before as we can guarantee a neutral flavour. Our bespoke, handmade, range of oil drops is our most popular offering, with a variety of products containing different strengths and volumes of CBD to suit your needs.


Every bottle has these great benefits:
High-quality, 99.9% pure CBD and CBG isolate
Rich terpene profile for a better flavour and aroma
Offers the “Entourage Effect”
Lab verified
Zero traces of THC


What is CBG?
CBG is another one of our favourite cannabinoids that has enhanced pain relief and focus properties. This product is highly suited for individuals that play sports at a high level and are looking for  an alternative way to increase their level focus.
  • CBG Stands for Canabigerol
  • 2nd most prevalent cannabinoid in hemp



A product you can trust: We’re proud to work with a team of Cannabis specialists in the UK to create our blends. We draw on their experience and knowledge stemming from three generations of growers to create a high-quality product.


Taste profile: Unlike our the majority of the market we use MCT oil which removes that unwanted hemp taste. We don’t add any flavourings to our CBD, as we love to let the natural taste shine through.


MCT oil  |  99.9% pure CBD Isolate  |  99.9% pure CBG Isolate | Contains zero traces of THC


Don’t exceed the recommended dose
Keep out of children’s reach
Store at room temperature and away from sunlight
Not intended as a medicine or as a substitute for a healthy, varied diet
Will stain fabrics and surfaces
Don’t use when pregnant or breastfeeding


Before using “Relief”, give the bottle a shake. Put two or three drops under your tongue for two minutes, then swallow. Repeat these steps two or three times per day, starting with a small dose and gradually increasing as you see fit.


Rest assured: All of our products contain zero traces of THC, unlike the majority of our competitors





MCT oil ,   99.9% pure CBD/ CBG Isolate ,   Contains zero traces of THC

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Gluten Free, Vegan


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