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Our Story

Why we build our products how we do

Bespoke CBD products with a strong focus on quality and purity for more prominent and enhanced results.
We believe in building a bridge of trust with our customers with the guaranteed quality of our hand-made CBD isolate products.
We want to ensure that you are fully aware of the individual components of the products you consume and where they originate from- showcasing the journey from the growth of the hemp plant to the bottle. 
We use cannabinoid isolates to craft our products, unlike the majority of CBD oil producers in the market (who mainly use full or broad spectrum distillates).  
Because of this, we can guarantee the specific health benefits from each bottle and can ensure our customers they are getting a product that will deliver the benefits they are after.

All our individual isolates are supplied from cGMP certified labs in the US where the products are made under regulated conditions. Our products offer a variety of different cannabinoids to suit your different needs, these include CBD, CBG and CBC